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Limited Yarn


Limited Yarn

Limited Yarn



Unveiling our newest gem for yarn enthusiasts – the “I suffered from OYD, Obsessed Yarn Disorder” limited edition t-shirt design, exclusively brought to you by TeeSamurai! 🧶👕 If your heart skips a beat at the sight of vibrant skeins and your fingers itch to knit or crochet at every turn, then this tee is your badge of honor. Embrace your love for all things yarn with this witty and whimsical design that playfully confesses to the world your delightful “Obsessed Yarn Disorder.” 🧶💖

Dress yourself in a conversation starter that’s as unique as your yarn collection. This limited-edition tee is a must-have addition to your wardrobe, showcasing your dedication to the world of yarn while making a statement that’s bound to spark a smile. Don’t miss out on owning this wearable work of art, available for a limited time only. Get ready to flaunt your OYD with pride – order yours today and let the world know that for you, it’s all about the stitches and stories spun from the heart. 🧶👚✨


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